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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Scanning Gmail POP3 + Thunderbird for viruses

I've been using Gmail POP3 and Thunderbird for a while, until I realize my current antivirus software is not checking the mail that I received and sent. So I start searching the Internet and found out that my current antivirus software has compability issues with Thunderbird. You can check it in this link. Fortunately I have Avast! installed in my PC (I work all this thing in my laptop). So I uninstall my current antivirus software and install Avast! I play around with Avast! configuration so it could scan my incoming and outgoing email from Gmail. But I have no luck. So I start searching again and found the solution in Avast! Web Forum. And this is how it's done! Software that I use: Mozilla Thunderbird 1.0.2 Avast! 4.6 Home Edition Win32 OpenSSL Stunnel 4.10 and of course a Gmail account :p

  1. Install Mozzila Thunderbird
  2. Set up a new account in Mozzila Thunderbird In POP setting use this: login: yourlogin@gmail.com server: port: 10995 security protocol : none ("secure connection (SSL)" unchecked and "secure authenticate" unchecked) In SMTP setting use this: login: yourlogin@gmail.com server: port: 10587 security protocol : none ("secure connection" : "none" checked)
  3. Install Avast! 4.6 Home Edition
  4. Install Win32 OpenSSL
  5. Put the stunnel-4.10.exe in any directory. I put it in C:\stunnel Create a new file with notepad and named it stunnel.conf The content of the stunnel.conf is like this:
    client=yes # POP3 service, listens on localhost:10995 [gmail-pop3s] accept= connect=pop.gmail.com:995 #or the SSL port of your Secure POP server if you use another service. # SMTP service, listens on localhost:10587 [gmail-smtps] accept= connect=smtp.gmail.com:587 protocol=smtp #or the SSL port of your Secure SMTP server if you use another service.
    don't forget to save the file :p
  6. Find a file avast.ini in Avast! installation directory. Find the mail scanner section and edit it like this:
    [MailScanner] Log=20 ShowTrayIcon=1 AutoSetProtection=0 PassThrough=1 Trust= AutoRedirect=1 StartSmtp=1 StartPop=1 StartImap=1 StartNntp=1 PopRedirectPort=110,10995 SmtpRedirectPort=25,10587 ImapRedirectPort=143 NntpRedirectPort=119 IgnoreLocalhost=0 IgnoreAddress=
    save the file and done :D
Now your incoming and ouotgoing mail from Gmail that POP-ed using Thunderbird will be scan for viruses by Avast!

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