Sunday, September 18, 2005

My Travel Profile

I read my cousin's blog and found a website that can generate your travelling profile just for fun :) And actually I have been to Amsterdam on 1999.

Your travel type: Travel Yup

The Travel Yup likes exotic and adventurous travel, but prefers big cities with fast paced life. He has a keen interest in other cultures and always brings home a few souvenirs. Shopping in Bangkok, getting a tailor made suite in Kuala Lumpur, that's the kind of thing the Travel Yup is into. Even though he likes to get away, he prefers his travels to be comfortable.

top destinations:

Beirut New York Amsterdam

stay away from:

Ciudad Perdida Alaska Darien Gap
get your own travel profile

posted by Belutz @ 9/18/2005 02:20:00 AM


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